Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

During the last 5 years, the success rate of finding commercial volumes of hydrocarbons has decreased. significantly. Studies made by oil companies, indicates that majority of failures are due to charge and seal. These risks are also where seismic data has the largest uncertainties and less sensitivity, when compared to trap and reservoir. Prospects may be rather complex and often not obvious where to set the first well There may be a risk of drilling outside the accumulation (e.g paleo fluid. contacts or drilling dry faultblocks withing prospect areas.

For these reason, Astrosat scientist and Engineers in collaboration with EMGS AS pioneered a new research that resulted to the discovery of a ground breaking Electromagnetic Imaging (EM) with the commercialization of Sea bed logging. A proven exploration method that uses EM energy to find off-shore hydrocarbons without drilling wells. CSEM (Controlled Source Electromagnetic Surveying Technology) is one technology with high potential of delivering value to increasing the exploration success rate.

In 2023, We plan to drill 10 Appraisal Wells, conduct deepwater drilling and seismic activities and maintain a strong position in the World’s Key producing areas.